150+ vans, Bus, Vanagon & Eurovan from everywhere, US & Canada, many states and provinces, great weather, nice folks, good music and good food, lots of fun and laughs. That is what a VW meeting should be all about, nothing else. I want to thank the following people that over the years made that event such a great place to go, often, on Sunday, we, the guests leave and forget to thank all the ones that have worked so hard, so here they are:

Frank Condelli - Chief & Fearless leader - Rita Alanen, Partner & all around directional help - Cathy Ashley, Registration, documentation and other stuff - Bernie Madore,  Registration and other stuff - Greg Burgess, All around help - Stan Madore, Flea Market, tours, all around help - Lorraine Ryan, Registration & Art Show - Richard Ryan, All around help - Andre Lavigne, Signage & all around help - Hans Brouwer, Door Prizes, signage, all around help - Micheline Diagle, Publicity, Media contact - Rene Gaudet,  Music Show, Filming & all around help Doug Alcok - BusFusion Music Director

There were many, many more (the list is long) over the years that have come & gone but will always be remembered for their generous help, Frank Condelli

So here is my tribute to those folks, 100 pictures taken with our new Canon Rebel XTI by me and my girl Sylvie... (Frank, i'm sorry but get High Speed... he he he)

The machine and their owners...

My red baby...

Hans from Vanaru... and Frank in the back, yea! hew wish.

Craig craSy machine

He he he, we all know that guy!

The Disco mobile van, too cool

Space ship with an SVX on top...

Yes Mike & Caroline, it's beautiful, like you guys :-)

The "Clan"
The fire, music and fun...

Yea Gilles, you are a strong men

Watch out for that  Kooky Math teacher... a great human being.

One of my customer, Richard, men he his good...

It's all about peoples, nothing else

Craig, Jerry and some friends.

No comments.... Hans and Karl

Sylvia is relaxingin the morning... his she????

Phil from BC, a great men, you are a long way from home, and they are now leaving for New Found Land...

Frank.. get up men!

Marcus and Nathalie beside THE Syncro machine.

The staff....

Ben, yea, a great guys! also a customer of mine.

Frank & Nathalie in my EX 79 Bus's
The face... (Mostly taken by Sylvia, or Sylvie in French)

Corey the mechanic and VW fan... for life!

I am... the Curruptor :-), but wait, i didn't won that award... i was the judge!

Thanks for some great music my friend...

Joel, the men! and Gilles is NOT doing the finger! ha ha ha

Ok, where are we???
The little private party at Frank & Rita home after the last Busfusion, again, thank you both for a great evening.
The host! Thank you my friend for all those great Busfusion... i'll see you one the road, and for shure, in Mexico - December 2007