So, we meet again in ALmonte, 90% of the Mex crew was there, 3.5 months after it has ended for me. So sorry for the intro picture but this is how i felt wile doing this Busfusion page... he he he. Well, the big news is that some us us may go back this next winter... Again, this was a perfect Busfusion, but a bit to hot (ha ha ha).

It's all about people...

Pierre is dreaming of the perfect Vanagon... he he

Still the host, Frank C.


René, the Mexico filmaker...

George and me... is it me? Shit!

I love that lady.

And her men...

Cory & Ted showing their stuff...he he he

Isabelle kid is dreaming of selling stuff like Frank... NOT


Yeap, a nice little place to have a campout

Marcus van, one of the first Subi convertion.

Paul cooking the same meal we had in Mexico.. HOT peper!

Hans is also cooking???


The men, Jerry! Can you believe that all the stuff you see here was also in Mexico...porr little 2.1L, you need an Turbo SVX to pull all that... none the less...

Beautiful Nellie & Hans

The Pott's corner

You have to love those folks, no way out.

Talking about the next Mex trip.

Another good men, also so went to Mexico last year... and maybe with us next year.

René & Rita (Frank wife)

The dog competition... no, he didn't won!!!

Peacefull Linda

Jerry, your THE men!

Hey cutie...he he

The men of Mexico talking about Copper Canyon.

The women of Mexico talking... about i don't know what!

My girl Sylvie.. simply the best in the world.

Ok, remove grass and put sand and

Always smiling that Corey

Beautiful peoples.

Hey, it's the famous Mark Drillock (something like that... he he)

Good luck George... your one of a kind, i tell you: Bravo!
Thanks for looking.