Capacitors to fix Vanagon AFM Problem (By "J" form the VMLS E-mail "J" at: )
Part # Cap (uF) Voltage Tolerance (%) Body Style Manufacturer
ECS- F1CE226K 22 16  10 Radial Panasonic
ECS- F1EE226 22 25 20 Radial Panasonic
ECS- F1VE226 22 35 20 Radial Panasonic
199D226X0016DA1 22  16 20 Radial Vishay/Sprague
199D226X0025DA1   22 25 20 Radial Vishay/Sprague
199D226X0035EE2   22 35 20 Radial Vishay/Sprague
199D226X9035EE2 22 35 10 Radial Vishay/Sprague
199D226X9050FE2 22 50 10 Radial Vishay/Sprague
T354F226K016AS 22 16 10 Radial Kemet
T352F226K016AS 22 16  10 Radial Kemet
T350G226K020AS 22 20 10 Radial Kemet
T350H226K025AS 22 25 10 Radial Kemet
T352H226K025AS 22 25 10 Radial Kemet
T353K226K035AS 22 35 10 Radial Kemet
T354K226K035AS 22 35 10 Radial Kemet
T356K226K035AS 22 35 10 Radial Kemet
TDC226K015NSF 22 15 10 Radial Mallory
TDC226M025NSF 22 25 20 Radial Mallory
TDC226K025NSF 22 25 10 Radial Mallory
TDC226K035WSG 22 35 10 Radial Mallory
TDC226K050WSG 22 50 10 Radial Mallory
TDL226K025S1D 22 25 10 Radial Mallory
TAC226K015P06 22 15 10 Axial Mallory
TARW226K020 22 20 10 Axial AVX
TAP226K016SCS 22 16 10 Radial AVX
TAP226K025SCS 22 25 10 Radial AVX
TAP226K050CCS 22 50 10 Radial AVX
150D226X9015B2 15 22 10 Axial Vishay/Sprague
150D226X9035R2 22 35 10 Axial Vishay/Sprague
150D226X9050R2 22 50 10 Axial Vishay/Sprague

A couple things to keep in mind about these caps.

  • The voltage rating of the cap is only really important if you try to use a cap that is rated below your system. So do not attempt to use anything with a voltage rating below 15v for its normal rating. Most caps have a dual rating, but to use the higher voltage rating other aspects must be met or taken into consideration. It's not worth messing with.

  • The capacitance, expressed here in microfarads (uF) was speced at 22uF. I do not know how or where this value was determined, I'm just trying to provide owners out there some options. All parts listed here are 22uF. Usually it does not harm anything to have a greater value, but since this cap is to be used to clean up the electrical signal to the ECU, I would not try another value. Especially since this value has been proven to work well.

  • Tolerance. This value could be important. It basically gives you an idea of how accurate, or true, the part is. Caps are not exact creatures and have sway in there values. They are all rated as +/- X%. So obviously a cap with a smaller tolerance will give you better results.

  • Body style. Axial has leads coming out each end of the part. Kind of like a car axle. Radial has both leads coming out the same side of the part. Like legs. While neither style will offer a performance advantage, I would think the radial leaded parts will physically fit in the location better.

All of the above items can be purchased from a number of vendors. Most wholesalers of electronic parts do not like to sell small quantities of parts. But the following online vendors will sell to you. They may however impose a small minimum purchase amount. Probably your best bet is to use Digi-Key ( ) or Newark ( ). You may also have good luck with Allied Electronics ( ), Mouser Electronics ( ) and of course Radio Shack ( ). Radio Shack however is not going to use the manufacturer's part numbers in this list. You will have to search through their stuff for the values you want.