The Westfalia / Vanagon 2.1L (1986/91) cooling system hoses / chart
In blue: Metal-cooling tubes (change on my van due to corrosion)
In Red: Flexible hoses (Change on my van due to excessive wear)
In purple: Flexible hoses (still good on my 87 GL / and original I think)
In green: the 2 big plastic tube (still very good)
In yellow: the front heater core valve and expansion cap should be change.

Special note:

  • The total length of the heater cooling hose # A & B is about 27 feet, I use standard heater cooling hose. (Not VW parts…)
  • H & J ( the 2 hoses that go from the A & B hose from 2 x “T” connector) have a special size, one end is smaller (core side) than the other end (standard heater hose size).
  • Change the damn rear heater core “I” O-ring …
  • Inspect the big metal tube “R”, take a look under this one, the condensation / corrosion is below / under. Also double check “Q” & “Y” the same way.
  • Change “N”, it is one of the hottest hose.
  • If you are doing an overall like I did, change the Oil cooler O-Ring wile you are there…
  • The hoses “A” & “B” are subject to dirt, rock and everything else found on the road, if you see any crack and wear they should be change. The job is messy and somewhat difficult if the vehicle is not raise in from the ground.