EVERYBUS 2006 I still love the concept of Everybus and Busfusion, so, after a hard 2.5 months of hard work restoring 3 vans... it was time for a small break, still, driving 950miles is not really a break. But anyway, again this year, it was nice comming into Greensboro, seeing some familiar faces & bus's, meeting new peoples... sadly, saturday was to be a rainy day, and for me, that was too much of rain & snow lately, so we decided to leave for a nice place on the beach, suggested by my friend Frank, we left for Assateague National Seashore in Maryland & Virginia (at the border), yet, another 300 miles in the rain, but still, the next 2 days were to be nice.
This is a very nice and quiet park this time of year, the national park is open all year, but not the state park, camping is only available on the NORTH part of the island, on the MD side, the National park camping area is more primitive with no real bathroom. The state one as bathroom. Both are on the ocean. Ok, so what is so special about this park, wild life! and those superb wild pony!!! Well, after a short break of 2 days, we headed home from the park to our home in Montreal, another 600 miles or so, the ride went smooth in one of the van i restored this winter (the customer is in Europe and lend me the van for the trip) 1900 miles/3200km  in 6 days.

Enjoy the pictures, Regards, Ben

Frank the men! (host of Busfusion) they are at the end of a 4 months trip to Mexico, click here to see and read their trip

Rita, Frank wife.

Rain was comming....

Here is Paul and Frank talking about what???

Well, this is one cool bus

Well, it is called EVERYBUS, hey hey hey.

The place was full pack

This is a NEW Beetle (old) Mexican built.

A very nice 78

Well, not a northern van!.

Too tight!

Farewell good friends...oupssss, i'm in the picture!!!!

The very nice southern part of the island

Some NASA stuff...

I'm proud of my work

This island is a must on the east coast.

Better than snow

This is cool

This is LESS cool!

Ok, what next, hide!!!

This guy was looking for me!!!

After a good apple, i had no choice, i had to save my life from this dangerous animal.
Cheers, Ben