Our main goal at is Westfalia Vanagon restoration. We also offer a multitude of specialize mechanical work. Engine work , body work and Subaru engine conversion is our strength.

BJP as almost 16 years. More than 40 paintings, more than 120 original engine rebuilt (partially or in full) and more than 105 Subaru engine conversions . BJP is no more a team but a one men show since 3 years. Working with 25-30 year old vehicle is really not easy ( ugly picture coming soon) and especially in Canada. For the past 3 years I only did engine conversions and complete restoration in winter time. I will no longer work on the original engine .

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Technical section

This page as a ton of free information in both language
Used parts for sale

Mostly FI part and some others, just ask
Our Westy trip for the past years

The beautiful things we have seen over the years

New at BJP

Gerneral body work of all kind:

• Separate car body parts
• Motorcycle and ATV
• Full or partial paint job

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We are located on the south shore of Montreal, Canada
1313 Avenue du frères André
Saint Césaire, QC J0L 1T0

Email: info@benplace.com
Phone: 450-947-1677

Rate: 75$ Hr
Bank transfert or cash
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