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North east map

Location in Quebec
Most whales you see on those pictures are Fin Whale (70-90) feets, the second largest whale in the world, just a little bit smaller than the Blue Whale (90-110 feets).
I was also lucky enough to see an Humback whales, smaller but very large in diameter, a funny whale, a show whale, i had the pleasure, for a few second to see her jump out of the water (
Breaching) 3 times in a row. The Saint Lawrence river is well known for whale watching, not everywhere but only between Tadoussac and Les Escoumins. They feed there for more than 6 months. The river is also full of marine life, from simple Seals to Minke whale, porpoise to White-Sided Dolphin, the famous white Beluga to the Killer whale...Many birds, deers, moose... it's nature at is best. The campgrounds a located on the river, both Bon Desir and Paradi Marin are well known for their view of the river, you can hear whale sing at night from your own campsite.