This is my March 2004 trip to FL (3.5 weeks). It was another great road trip, I have met great peoples, like Larry, Marcus, Nathalie, Jimmy… and so many others very interesting fellow. I know consider myself very lucky to have seen the four corners of North America in four years, all that travel in a Vanagon and a old 73 Westy. I had no problem what so ever this year with the Bus for the exception of a bad starter.
I love to travel this way, I have to say that VW are crowd pleaser, you are never alone anywhere. This was a 4000- 4500 miles trip, from MTL to Key west, across the Everglade, state park, national park. I was in need of that road trip after a difficult year including a motorcycle accident that left me in a strange mood. Life can be short…. Believe me! The video below are in WMA format (Windows Media Players), if you don't have this one click on the logo to get it
Live long and happy, try to be nice with others, a smile is a free thing… No matter from witch country your from, what race you are, what age, which religion, what politic your in, what car your driving… a good and pleasant attitude will get you all around the world. Peace brothers.
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This is my new Minolta Z1 with optinal wide angle lens. 3.2Mega with 10X optical zoom, i love it, it's simply amazing...
Most pictures are quite big (1024 x 768 – 50 to 125k) and can make nice wallpaper, feel free to use them but remember that they are mine! I did use my new Minolta Z1 digital camera, am quite happy with it.
Key west was nice, feel of an old town, better than i was expected. The beaches are nice but with the high wind we had the water was not very clear. We went for scuba diving off shore, it was quite amazing, 8 miles south of big pine key. The water color in the keys is simply amazing, never saw the ocean like that before.
The famous key west sunset, i understand why now!!!
End of the keys trip!!! Up to the east coast, south of Daytona (bike week) and into a very nice spot call "Sebastian Inlet" State Park"
End of Sebastian inlet, up to north of Orlando with Larry Chase in a very nice State park "The real Florida" for a 5 hours canoe ride...
This is very nice SP with a natural lake with hot spring....
This is the start of a beautiful canoe ride....BUT!!!!!!!
Well!!!! i just saw an alligator 2 minutes ago!!!! i had to get out of there no mater what!!!!! it's the dog fault, not mine.... i was scared like a baby!!!!!!! that was funny.... NOT!!!!
Ok, the ride is finish.... i have a bad starter to repair and Roadhaus as to change some exhaust gaskets, we had a good friend from orlando who would end up lending us a empty house for the night....
Back on the road again, a small stop into the national forest north of Orlando for a night and up north east of Jacksonville at Little Talbot island for a few days of rest before i had to go home.....
Bullet in my 73 bus Larry & Bullet One man, one dog, one van.... and a dream...
This would be my last few days with my good friend Larry Chase and is very good dog Bullet...... (Iwill see you again brother!)

That is all folks for now, hope you did enjoy...
Cheers, Ben