The front heater valve

View of each side of the front vallve, she is located over the front spare tire. Just follow the 2 small heater cooling line under the van.

Here was my problem, no heat control, the cable was OK and the lever (on your left) was moving. If you look carefully, you will see that the hole in the lever (green arrow) as a special shape, normally the white plastic part (red arrow) match the lever. Mine did not!!!

Just so you know, when broken, it is possible to turn by hand the center screw, but the hick is that it's a never-ending story (the valve will turn 360° over and over). So to find the close section of the valve you need to turn this one 1/10 of a turn, run the van and check if you still got heating, stop, turn it again 1/10 until you find the close position of the valve....

I was in the Nevada desert at 104°, you can imagine the rest.

Here you can see the location of the new heater valve. The position of the cable on the valve is important; the cable is hold in place with a special adjustable retaining clip. The best way to insure a fully cold heater operation is to put the front heater control level at the coolest position on the dash first. Second, put the valve at the coolest position (close); adjust the cable with the clip at this position.
This is a somewhat “hard to reach” job, the cooling fan radiator motor is in the way of the cable. Here you can see the location of the cable


Note: If you decide to change the 2 long heater hoses (and you should!!!)  that runs from the front too the back of the van you will need 27 feets of standard heater hoses. Size of hose is 5/8 (16mm) and can be find at nay auto-parts dealer shop.