Fuel intake / injectors / hoses removal & overall

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Note: Always identify all connector / tube / line with masking tape, handy when reassembling. Remember that removing of the whole body is optional when replacing fuel hoses and injectors O-Ring.

  1. Disconnect battery (Negative)
  2. Disconnect Air Flow Meter harness (the infamous Vanagon Syndrom fix)
  3. Remove air filter
  4. Disconnect all hoses to flexible joint and remove this one
  5. Disconnect gas pedal cable
  6. Disconnect all FI connector to the intake system and identify them!!!!(Fuel injectors, Throttle body...)
  7. Disconnect the 2 front cylinder spark plug wire ( so the whole intake assembly can be remove)
  8. Disconnect the CC breather valve tube to the main intake body
  9. Disconnect the main return fuel line
  10. Disconnect the main incoming fuel line (at the firewall)
  11. Disconnect the 2 vacuum and take note (identify them)
  12. Remove the throttle body (2 screws) to have access to the front main intake body screw (dificult to reach)
  13. Disconnect the idle stabilizer connectors
  14. Finally (i think), remove the 6 ( see picture below) screws holding the main body and intake tubes, when all 6 screws are remove, twist the assemble clockwise and pull out the whole assembly.  Note: the front body screw is dificult to remove, you will have to find your way with a socket wrench.
  15. Of course change all seals & gasket. (Throttle body to main intake body, intake gasket to heads...)

Reassembling is simply the opposite, pay attention to the torque for the 4 screws of the 2 double intake tube (near injectors) on each head.

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