Installation d'un Subaru EJ 25 2005 de 176 HP
EJ 2.5L 2005 Subi conversion 176HP
The 05 is a  transition year... Electronic gas pedal, new FI system but no VVT, also, even if the FI system is new, it still as the double fuel flow, full pressure IN and regulated OUT. The 06-07 have the Variable Valve Timing and the one way
pressurized system, the fuel pressure is somewhat variable and is regulated inside the fuel tank. We are far from the basic but very reliable 2.2L. This is a Automatic van so we have to use the electronic gas pedal... but Vanagon have a mechanical kickdown system on the trany... so the pedal need to be install after the kickdown lever, over the trany. In this case, that trany show heavy sigh of rust so i had to built a special bracket over this one. We have a bracket design for that but this trany is missing metal on top!!! Yea, it's like that up north. The Subi gas pedal is sealed just before you ask!
After the cleaning, installation of the reverse coolant manifold and the modification to the intake..

left is an 07 i'm building at the same time as the 05 on the righ

The 05

I did the bodywork last year, i nice weekender.

So here is my custom bracket, not that pretty but very solid. We use an Air-Cool clutch cable in between the lever and the pedal. Very solid.

The cable

Cooling system installed

Speed sensor

Coolant line connection