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Benoit & Sylvie

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Petit voyage rapide (du Cape Breton à Halifax, puis vers Peggy's Cove à Annapolis Royal, pour finir à la "Bay of Fundy") divertissant de 4300km dans les jolies routes de la Nouvelle Ecosse. Cette Province est toujours aussi admirable. Les photos ont été prises à l'aide d'une Canon Digital Rebel XT à haute résolution (compressées pour le web à 4 pour 1, mais disponible en pleine grandeur sur demande!)
Quick trip around (from Cape Breton to Halifax to Annapolis Royal to the Bay of Fundy) NS for the fourth time, i still love it! 3000 miles of very nice side road.. in 8 days. Pictures were taken with our new Canon Digital Rebel XT and were compress (1/4 of the real size) for the web (available in big size on demand)
A nice view, good food, good wine (and a few beers...), friends and good company, the moon, stars, a fire place, a nice breath of fresh air, peace... my van! that is all i ask... pictures speaks from themselves but a few words won't hurt, after many private e-mail i have decided to add some text, not that there is a need for that but why not!

A women touch...

Those pictures are from Peggy's Cove.. see the map

I said good food...

This is the Bluenose... if you don't know the story, read it all here and here

Well, this is Lunenburg!

Canadian cost guard ship... at rest!!! he he he

Lunenburg again

A women touch... again and again...

Me, in MY environment

Did i say GOOD food...

He he he, far from home bro...

The Canadian coastal defence system... a long time ago.. did thing change??? he he he, ho!! i'm wrong here, it was no longer the French holding Annapolis Royal, but the English... he he he

My new girlfriend... Sylvia, a helper in life.. and in the shop, a very good friend and a very good photographer... well, she is good at everything she does, she also does mechanic and she is the new painter in the shop, i lost my job!!!

Well, this is the FAMOUS Cabot Trail, do it once in your short life... that is all I have to say!!

Cabot again... is there something you don't like here.. yea!!! maybe if you have a sick engine!


What is wrong in this picture... well, nothing... at least for me!!! (Bus's, vanagon.... i don't care, i saw you comming!)

Well, here you are... in the famous.. (or infamous for some) Meat Cove, see the map... (farther east that you can go... i said farther!)

Sniff!!! one minute you are there... one other minute, your home...

Yeap, 40! and running, running and still running...

They don't have electricity! NOT

The Hector ship.. a nice story.. read it all here



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