Showing a collection of bent valve picture I gathered over the years in no particular order. Engine are late (2006-2010) VVT 2.5L Subaru engine.
I have learned that this engine is "semi interference", that mean that in the event that the timing belt breaking the valve can hit the pistons but to a certain extent. No way a piston can sustain damage (measured by me - Subaru advisor - Toronto). That said, as much as 3 cylinder can be hit. Valve can be bent to some different level. A leak down test is a must when you have doubt (showed at the end of the page). But remember that a leak down test as it's limit, in many case carbon deposit can be stock between valve and valve seat giving you a bad reading, same for compression test. I like the break-cleaner test better (showed below).

The engine you see on the first few picture is a 2010 that was hit on the driver (car) side head breaking the cam gear, t-belt and some plastic. This is a common hit/crash. This engine had 500 miles and no way it's going in the garbage. I will test this one next spring.
you can click on any image for a bigger view.

Standard valve compressor

The VVT system, explain on the last picture of this page.

I once made a mistake in timing and slightly hit 2 intake valve on 2 cylinder, the non VVT Valve

This show how it can be done with the engine still in the van.

Left and center are 2 EX valve, right is a slightly hit intake valve.

You need to be careful when removing the VVT rocker ass.

Worse case scenario

VVT explain.