Inside the Subaru EJ22

Here is a few shot of inside a EJ22, of course, since now i'm driving my westy with a Subi, i had to know more and see how they are built... This engine was given to me by Vanaru as a "Fun" engine, play in it, learn, have fun, it was not up to their high standard!  A little bit to high in millage (around 70-80k miles and with a lower compression in one cylinder) sure, ok, well, let look deeper. I use to work on Honda engine so Japenese engine are.... Japenese engine! It took me about 10 min to remove the heads, another... 30 minutes to figure how to remove the pistons (yea, you need to know how, it's way faster), about 15 minutes to clean that core, and about 2 hours to figure out how to put the pistons  and pins back IN, ha ha ha... yea Ben, don't look at the book! Well, that is how i am! now, it would take me about 5 minutes per cylinder.
Anyway, the lower compresion ring on that famous low compression cylinder was stuck! stuck because it as been sitting to long in a graveyard! it took me 2 sec to free this one, all oil ring were kind of stuck also. This engine as plenty of life left into it... another good 100k miles minimum. With good dual port re-seal head and lap valves (they don't even need it) it will go a long way.

You see here a modern design piston, very different from your VW wasser boxer ones (image bellow)


Very low CR

The rod is slighly smaller


Here is the catch! you need to get that pin and C-Clip out of there... not so bad, but putting those one back take skill and knowledge.

Very strongly built engine case, very well design, i'm impress. Yea, Subi have oil pan! Vanaru do cut them shorter.

16V design (8 per side), even if in the last year of production of the 2.2 they went back with adjuster (valves are not hydro), but they need an adjustment only at each 100k miles.


2 minutes cleaning, yea! No leak what so ever. Nice modern flat head gasket design. Nothing like the VW wasser head (image bellow)

Getting there. Here is the funny part, it took me like 5 minutes of cleaning to get there! You see the engine style similarity with a wasser?.

The area where the timing belt will go later.

Interesting picture, we now see how VW (lower picture) use removable sleeve and on the Subi, the chamber is casted with the block. So the need for 3 separate heads gasket is not needed... and that is a damn good thing!

This is another core, this one has over 260k miles, it was still running but was getting tired

Interesting pictures, now i can see a lot of talking going on....
Way more to come....