Inside a "late" 2.5L Subaru conversion ( More than 50 pictures comming soon to a computer screen near you)

A Subaru conversion  done at my shop by

For ordering such a conversion or for some pricing, contact Hans from VANARU

Ok, let's first begin with the Vanaru cooling system installation, that should be done first when the engine is out (more room), those pictures are from 2 different engine conversion so that is why you may see different colors and van... and some rust :-) , one is a 2.2L (red) and the other one a 2.5L. (blue). All coolant line, junction and metal pipe are NEW.

Let's understand the flow of coolant first! The red arrows show the main coolant flow going and comming back from the radiator, the yellow arrows show the heater line flow. You will see that with this advance Subaru coolant system everything lis located on the front right corner.

Here we see the rear heater line going into the van, one is comming from the new exp tank location and the return one will be hooked to the engine (going directly to the thermostat)

Another shot that show the flow of coolant. Again, in red is the main collant line. the 2 un-hooked one will be attach to the engine.

The new tank and location of this one, on the right firewall. The bracket  and coolant tube bleeder is a design from Vanaru / Small Car.

That line is the return line, it's gonna go direct to the thermostat housing of the engine.

A general view.

Another view of the EX tank position and hook up.


How to hook up the main outgoing hot coolant line


The main outgoing hot line as an output on top (this is the famous reverse coolant manifold), this one is going to the EX tank

Hooking up the hot heater return line, this one is long enough in the Vanaru kit, it need to be cut

The reverse manifold modification (welding)/ installation is not show, i forgot to take pictures. The complete intake need to be removed for that.

Hooking up the outgoing hot heater line that goes to the EXP tank.

Of course, a lot of small modification /conversion details done to the engine itself for the conversion are not showned :-)

Here is a view of the incoming main cooler  line, just after that bleeder pipe.

Hooking up the last cooling line, the return cooler one from radiator, direct to the thermostat housing.

General view.

General view of the cooling line hook up

Main view of the cooling line junction.
The left picture show one thing, instead of having hoses (metal and rubber) running all around the engine like on VW engine, everything is concentrate on the front right corner, where the VW main and heater hoses are located.
Honestly, this coolant hook up is very fast and easy...
Some picture of an engine assembly/conversion/installation, from a Subaru car to a Vanagon engine bay...  the kind of engine  VW should have built for this van.. Older engine like 2.2L or higher millage (like mine) 2.5L SOHC are open and have a re-seal/ head work if needed and new head gasket, new tensionner, T-Belt guide, T-Belt, Water pump,  all new seals and gasket, new/rebuilt Alternator and PS pump. Compression is checked again. Very late  or extrem low millage engine like this one need less work.