This engine is for my Red Tornado van project, i will probably keep this van for me as a "show" van! For now at least, i choose to stay with a VW engine because I need a engine (and a van) to reflect my work, this engine and van will be like a "trade mark". Later, we will see which conversion engine may go in it? As for now, this is the most rebuilt (and the nicest) engine i have done, not only the long block but everything around... i still have use some used/rebuilt part like part of the exhaust system that come from a california van (one of the van i have for parts), but in general, everything is new or rebuilt. Every tube, metal cooling line, metal parts have been sand/bean blasted, coated and painted.

This 2.1L core (short block) was rebuilt last summer (pictures of the core rebuilt will follow), the crank was balance, the rods also and were re-bushed, the cam is a new VW OEM cam (found NEW in one of the van i have bought!!!!), new lifters and new bearing everywhere, piston & sleeves are VW Brazil (COFAP), heads are AMC (i use the stock valves because i want to test them! but i did my "stuff" on it (keepers, guides...), heads were "Port & polish" by a friend of mine). I used the stock 1.9L cooling system and the stock Digijet FI with a European ECU from Boston Bob. Every other parts is new or rebuilt (pump HEPU, new senders-oil, water temp, OS... some FI parts like the injectors, all-sender for distributor, thermostat and a lot more....)

Click on any pictures for a full size one!

This is before....

Here is why even after the rear crankshaft seal is replace some engine still leak! this inner o-ring need to be replace also!

Noneed to put any glue of stuff, this seal will stay in place by itself!

I use loctite 518 to seal the bottom o-ring.

Only grease on the top sealing o-ring

Insert the piston pin!

I use Permatex "The Right Stuff" on head gasket, inside the outer gasket also, on the water jacket.

On the head and on the gasket... OK, on the inner head gasket, the round one that "seal" the inside of the cylinder (compression), don't tell but i use an Aviation Permatex product...( I forgot the name.... so sad :-))) so it help seal that metal ring.

All cooling metal tube have been sandblasted and painted.

Ok, here is MY solution to the ALT bracket breaking problem! i welded i second (same as above) bracket on the main ALT mount.... this is strong as hell!

New thermostat and senders, cleaned thermostat housing, new Graf or HEPU water pump..

There are engine builder, and they are those who can put everything together the right and PERFECT way! i'm sometime both of them!

I use color! it's nice and i need protect all sandblasted parts anyway... i use Engine paint.

Sandblasted and polish

New OS, used but sandblasted exhaust pipe... and HOLDERS...

Lower protective thins, painted BLACK!

Rebuilt injectors, new fuel pressure regulator, all parts sandblasted and painted.

I use the stock FI air plenium (intake) and center part, BUT, the center part doesn't fit on the 2.1L case, you need to bent the tabs a bit to fit this one... nothing dificult.. there is NO reason to use the 2.1L system, they are a bit bigger but so what, you need to use the 1.9L digijet throttle body anyway.

Another view!

FI 13-15mm CLAMP, not  cheap garden hose clamp! Very good OEM quality FI 5/16 hoses.

When i start my engines, they don't leak! they don't shake, they don't makle noise... it's only because the way they are put togethere... and carefuly re-seal!

You wonder how many hours... well, 4 days in a row, about 30 hours...

New ALT, new EXP tank...

Cool view