Ugly & odd stuff....
VW or Subi????
In 2007, it will be my first time that i cannot save ANYTHING on an engine, i only took 2 pictures because they show everything...

What the heck happen here....  story his that we don't know... pre-ignition or loose part(s), but new heads and cylinders where a must...
Sad story... Boston USA, the customer Automatic Tranny T-Plate broke in 2, first picture, 1600$ (300$ for a used T-Plate!!!). She get to Montreal, to my shop, same problem, second and third picture... Tranny output bearing is good, no loose no play on tranny side, Torque  Converter look ok, but after a deep analysis, the center bushing may be loose so that could explain the torque vibration and the breaking of the T-plate... Rebuilt T-Converter, everything look fine for now... lets see...
Well, we mostly blame cracked head for bad combustion /coolant and oil mix and so on... here a new one, the cylinder is cracked from the top to bottom, it's the second time i see that.
Ok, this is something!!! boths valve seat are out, intake valve is almost intact, exhaust valve surface is cooked,Look at the head structure, on the exhaust side, impressive!!!
Well, lately i posted that i didn't see much cracked heads lin the shop.... i was wrong, most of the time i install new AMC heads, and i discard the old one. So lately i was cleaning the shop and trowing away old parts, including over 12 sets of Vanagon water-cool heads. So for fun i said let find out if i can save a few (most of them have broken exhaust stud, broken part, badly damage matting surface...). So for fun i started removing the valves, sandblasting a few, cleaning them... and the conclusion, only 4 heads had no cracks. But, not that those cracks are fatal, we did a pressure test on 2 cracked one and  they didn't leak.... but for how long, that is the real question! The cracks on all head is between the valves, each side 90% of the time.
This is a customer van, came from Europe not so long ago.
What is special about this one is the windows, "thermos" style, double layer, they dont open??? Also, it's an aircool dual carburated engine, same Solex carbs as the 72-73 Bus's... and that cute "camping" logo in the back
Some northen rust.... oil cooler metal line on 2.1L
1.9 engine, low millage, poor condition, oil sender UNPLUG! I had never seen an 1.9L with a rod that went through the case....  but 3  on  2.1L
This is a "France" van, 2.1, carburated and yes, a 5speed tranny. It's an 86 Vanagon, now, it as been converted to a westy camper. This van was a circus van for most of it's life. It was also pulling an heavy trailer gypsy wagon (sleep 6) in the steep hill of Switzerland. Who said that vanagon aren't tough.; All paper and engine condition show that is the original engine. Now, why the heck this tranny was not standard in NA.
Just some ugly rust!!!! I call it "Art"