Vanagon Links


How To Change Front Brake Pads ('86-91 Vanagon)
Repairing a leaking steel brake line.
Repairing a leaking steel brake line.

Steering & Alignment and Shocks:

Check Your Own Alignment
Replacing your Vanagon's front shock absorbers
Servicing your Vanagon's front wheel bearings
Replacing your Vanagon's upper balljoint


How to Replace your ignition switch (all year and model Vanagon)
Cheap Vanagon alternator alternatives

The Dreaded Vanagon Syndrome:

Vanagon Intermittent Syndrome

Fuel Delivery:

How to Drop and Reinstall a Gas Tank on a 2wd Vanagon (replacing lines and seals too!)

Comfort Heating:

Vented Platinum Catalytic Heater


Auxiliary Battery
Auxiliary Battery Wiring
Pop Top Rain Cover
Installing rear seatbelts in your Westy Vanagon
Luggage Rack Sunroof (Stuart MacMillan)
Front Shower Installation and Bike Rack (Karl Mullendore)
European Tail Light (Per Lindgren)

Engine Swaps and conversions:

converting my 1984 Vanagon camper into a 1991 Subaru Legacy 2.2 powered Vanagon
Diesel =>Gas
Diesel =>Turbodiesel
Air/Wasser =>Other

Cooling System:

Coolant Hose Chart for 1.9l Vanagon (84-85)
Coolant Hose Chart for 2.1l Vanagon (86-91 2wd)
Coolant Hose Chart for Syncro Vanagon (86-91)
VW to NAPA Coolant Hose Conversion for many '86-'91 Vanagons


CV Joint Servicing
Replacing your Vanagon's clutch
Problem with the Vanagon 091-1 transmission


Replacing a Wasserboxer 1.9L water pump
Digitool 3.0

Westy Camper stuff:

Refrigerator and Propane Info
Dometic RM182B service manual
LED Panel, Tank Senders


(Bus) Rocker panel replacement for novices (Jan Brier)
Window Frame Rust Repair (Jan Brier)

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