Modification to my Westfalia 87

First, I made those modifications (I NEED MUSIC…) because I couldn’t hear the original radio when going 55mph+, (wind noise), so when I installed my Sony radio/CD players (4x 25 watt) with the original speakers, it wasn’t enough!!! I had 2 power-amp (2 x 35 watt), 1 x equalizer (located in the glove compartment) that where in a box in my garage. So I decided to install those 2 Amp. With 4 new “Infinit Speaker” (4 inches), now the sound was good and powerful but no Bass!!!! Damn, here we go again, I also had  1 x 8” sub-bass speaker in the same box, not enough!!! bought another one and made a custom box for it…  So here are those component.

The Sub

The "Sub" is custom made of white "Melamine" with grey tape, (color of my interior),  it is 6" deep and about flush with the side door. The speaker are 8" (2). The box is attach with 2 small screw on the floor and 2 small screw on the back ( trough the carpet and metal rack where the battery is located), even if the custom made Sub box is not big enough, it still give good bass with a 2 X 35 Watt amp (both Power-Amp. are located behind the glove compartment, on the big front beam)  Wire goes simply under the right carpet. I found that this was the best “unused” place for a sub, easily remove (1 minute) and it doesn’t show after, no real modification to the van so it keep it’s original wood door… Anti-thief system is simple, put a blanket over it? Note: the original “Fire Extinguisher” (That was looking good but NOT working!!!! """Change the damn thing, even if it’s not the Original""", who cares) as been REPLACE and relocated on the front of the back seat. 

Rear speaker

The original rear speaker hole will accept most 4” newer speaker, the problem is the right side grey rail vent, you will have to make a template to cut (white arrow) the original grille and grille holder (on most new speaker), what I did is simply follow the shape of the rail, yes it’s true that those speakers will probably stay  there when I will sell the Van. Note: it is a tight fit with 4” speakers, so I imagine that 5” are out of the question.

Front Speakers

Here is my solution for the common front speaker problem (window handle), don’t use the plastic grille holder/spacer, to make sure that the metal grille won’t bent and touch the speaker when the 4 screws are tighten, use 4 small ¼ inches spacer between the door and the metal grille with a hole for the screw inside for each screw. Note: chose you new speakers with that problem in mind (slim grille)

Dome halogen light

The following 2 picture are showing the newly installed 3 small white halogen (red arrow) dome light (I found that 110volt light where missing in a Westy), working on 110volt with a very small transformer, they are nice and very discreet. I bought those (3) in a complete “Kit” with wire and transformer, I also bought a double standard house switch to operate those, note the location of the switch (yellow arrow), there is nothing behind the switch…  for sure you will have to remove the left rail to do this clean installation. They are connected directly to the inside of the “brown” 110v inlet. The black dome light (white arrow) is also a addition, it is a good reading or general low consumption light, I also have one in the back over the engine compartment.   Note: those small halogen light are working fine on a 12 volt source!!!! (I will make a conversion 12v/110v switch later

If you need more explanation, pictures or you have some questions!, feel free to ask, my name is Ben (click on my name for e-mail)